Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Are we safer today than two years ago?

No. It's a crime of mendacity that this government can be directed by an Administration that has grossly failed the American people. To be fair, the government has managed to disrupt some elements of Al-queda's operational network. However, from stone-walling the 911 commission, to first-responder money, to inciting world opinion against the USA with rash statements and actions, to perpetuating an at best mixed neo-colonial venture it's all been smoke and mirrors. Oh yes, and Libya. We got Libya to knuckle under. Except that tensions continue to rise over the Taiwan straits, North Korea remains an ever more rogue nuclear state, and Iran is clearly harboring Al-queda while buying time to develop their verified nuclear programme. Call me crazy, but Ghadaffi and Hussein weren't at the top of my lump-of-coal list of bad men in the world.

Unfortunately, this is all too believable. In instance after instance, this Administration has chosen the quick and easy way of smoke and mirrors over the hard tasks of public policy making. Medicare drug benefit boondoogle anyone? Dropping the dollar like a lead balloon rather than reforming subsidies ring a bell? Hyrdrogen car hot-air as opposed to serious sustainable energy resource research? This is a problem with our democracy, and it's reached a fever pitch at this historical point. They continue to rearrange deck-chairs on the Titanic while the ship takes on water. Too bad we're all such dumb bastards that we can't even realize we're being snoockered.


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