Tuesday, December 30, 2003

What on earth is wrong with Democrats?

As an old-time Republican from a family of Republicans from a politically conservative area, I have to say that at this point I'd rather vote for a yellow dog than vote for GW Bush. I don't hate Bush. His father got my vote. In '96 Dole was looking good compared to Clinton. However in 2000, the oldman weighed the balance of outcomes and held his nose and voted Democrat for the first time in his entire life. Why? The past three years is a pretty good testimony to why. Yet despite the woeful track record of Republicans, Democrats are floundering. Why? They're weak, that's why. There is no other possible conclusion. Democrats are weak, wishy-washy, and are afraid to stand for something. That's something Bush doesn't have a problem for. He has no problem standing for things, usually not the things he rhetorically advocates, but he moves firmly and strongly in the direction of his desires. The only Democrat with a similar focus of will is Howard Dean. Clark is a smart guy, but too smart and cerebral. Will is the key factor. People won't believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself.

So to all the Democrats out there. Stop whining. Who cares if it's Dean that wins, so long as he wins. This is the brutal truth about this world, and if Democrats want to win they'll learn it. It is better to be strong than it is to be good. They won't teach you about that in classrooms, but it's everywhere in the hallways of schools. What Bush has to learn however is that it is not physical strength that counts. It is inner strength. That's where Bush is weak. He has all the money, all the advantages, and everything on his side except that he's an incompetent wuss. This is a porcelein man. To shatter him however, one will have to forge through all the people willing to jump in the way for him.

This is the truth of the world: what matters is power. This is a tough lesson to learn, and not an easy one for any person. The difference between this ethic and might makes right however, is the recognition that inner power trumps outer power. Inner power here means something very practical.

A person who believes a gun gives them power, is setting themselves up for defeat. A gun is made by someone's mind, and someone's effort. It is used by someone with a brain. To defeat a gun you only have to defeat the man who would use it. What is inside of us counts more than what is outside, because where there is a will a way can be found.


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