Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Who the hell cares about Michael Jackson?

First, the sky is not falling. This corrupt and venial world has limped through the birth and death of the incarnation of the divine. It has seen empires and civilizations fall, and if the legends are to believed even previous cycles of mankind. It is however boring. It is boring because human beings value titillation over excellence; it is boring because achievement is difficult and celebrity is easy. Who the hell cares if a middle-aged has-been former rockstar is charged with being a pedophile? Of course it is unfortunate that these young boys have families that have allowed them to be exploited. It must be tough to pimp out your son. But being a catamite is a long if dishonorable profession, and people with low enough self-regard will do just about anything in order to fawn in the face of money and status including pimp out their children.

What is wrong that we as a people find such an incident worth more than a moment of revulsion. It is our fascination that feeds on speculations about the sexual indulgences of the depraved rich. I am sorry that Michael Jackson didn't feel loved as a child. This is obviously the root of his perverse dysfunctions. It is also irrelevant. The difference between Michael Jackson and your run-of-the-mill pedophile is a decent singing voice and allot of money. How else to explain the celebrity of Paris Hilton fed by her rather raunchy infamous sex-tape? We as Americans are no longer a serious people. We do not take tragedy seriously. We are incapable of truly deep feeling and sensibility.

There is no other explanation for the placidity we display in the face of the injustice rendered the victims of 911. There is no other rationale why we tolerate a deluded fool in the highest office of the land. We as Americans have lost our way. So we distract ourselves with whispering about how the idle rich indulge their ennui, while our soldiers die on foriegn sands for the sake of a lie - a lie itself concocted in order to deny justice, Real Justice, to the victims of 911. We do this because we are no longer capable of deserving justice, because we would not know it if we were shown it. Otherwise we would not tolerate charltans and confidence men in the highest offices of our land, feeding us lies day afer day and we would not tolerate a figurehead simpleton parroting back answers which a nine year old child would find non-sensical.

People get the leaders they deserve, not need. We will get better leadership when we show we deserve it by being the kind of people worthy of great leadership.

We will get better leadership when we stop being boring. This is the future we face if we do not: being trapped in a cycle of Looney Toons as a replacement for government pronouncements. What is wrong with the path we are on is not that it is wicked, but that it is desperately without imagination. This lack of vision pervades every sphere of our culture, and inflicts itself upon us with the violent sores that we call leaders. Only a people of vision could perceive that the worst possible fate is not to suffer, it is to be too stupid to be capable of suffering.


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