Monday, January 26, 2004

Ashcroft condemns "evil chemistry", is "evil physics" next?

Look no matter what anyone says, John Ashcroft is not some scary creepy enemy of the Constitution of the United States of America. He's just a slightly unhinged but otherwise morally upstanding law&order Republican from Missouri with fundamentalist religious values. This isn't to say that I agree with his pushing of "Patriot" Acts I&II, but let's say there's a case for him simply being a parochially self-righteous but sincere man rather than a religious bigot as some have accused.

Sometimes though I wonder about GW Bush's judgement in appointing him to head the Justice Department as Attourney General, clearly a compensating sincecure for his electoral loss to Carnahan's widow Jean, instead of appointing somebody who oh, might for instance actually have some real experience in the courts. The fact that he sometimes spouts off inane comments, rather like Rumsfeld off his lease, only increases my doubt on the purely competency angle in the wisdom of his appointment.

Here's the AP story where Ashcroft condemns "evil science".

VIENNA, Austria - Even if weapons of mass destruction are never found in Iraq, the U.S.-led war was justified because it eliminated the threat that Saddam Hussein might again resort to "evil chemistry and evil biology," Attorney General John Ashcroft said Monday. [Emphasis added]

Yes, Ashcroft has just formally condemned "evil chemistry and evil biology". Next he'll be condemning "evil physics". Maybe you can tell the evil scientists from the "good" scientists because the "bad ones" wear black labcoats instead of the usual white labcoats. That could be the start of a whole new trend. Imagine a new professional society - the IAES: The International Association of Evil Scientists. Instead of having their professional conferences in Rio or Australia or San Diego like normal scientists, they could have them in North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Yemen. Imagine the association newsletter titles: "Evil Scientist of the World Prize goes to Weaponization of Smallpox". Just think too, they could get Dr. Evil in order to be the first world President of the International Association of Evil Scientists.

Frankly, this sort of Keystone cop behavior in the Bush Administration severely undermines my confidence on their seriousness about the War on Terrorism.

For another thing, why is John Ashcroft, the Attorney General for the United States of America, speaking out on this topic? His portfolio is the Justice Department and prosecution of Federal crimes inside the legal system. Whether or not the invasion of Iraq was justified or not, it is not John Ashcroft's place or expertise in order to say. The fact that he's weighing in must be the result of some short-circuit sparked in his overly moralistic brain where he figures he get's to say what's right or wrong about anything. I can find no other plausible reason for the Attorney General speaking out on what should be an issue for Congress, the public, and the Executive branch in order to decide. So yeah, he is a little unhinged!


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