Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Good news and bad news in Iraq, update

William Safire of the NYT discusses modest progress regarding Kurdistan autonomy. Kofi Annan will urge the Shiites to hold off on their demands for immediate democratic elections. In addition, the NYT reports that Canada will be allowed to bid on Iraq reconstruction projects. That's the good news. The bad news is that the NYT also reports that an Apache helicopter was downed by enemy fire, though thankfully the pilots were unharmed. In addition, they report that Saddam Hussein warned his followers not to ally with jihadists. The Alqueda-Hussein link asserted by the Administration including Powell's UN presentation is looking weaker and weaker all the time. Meanwhile the CSM reports that large numbers of Americans believe that the war in Iraq is making the world safer.

In a Christian Science Monitor/TIPP poll conducted last week, 62 percent of Americans said US military action in Iraq is helping to make the world a safer place - down slightly from December but more than 10 points higher than in November.

This is despite as previously noted the Army War College has issued a report indicating that military action in Iraq did not hurt Alqueda and was not in the strategic National Security interests of the USA.


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