Monday, January 12, 2004

What the heck do they know? They're just the Military!

WASHINGTON — A report published by the Army War College criticizes the Bush administration's global war on terrorism as "unfocused" and contends that the war in Iraq is "unnecessary" and a "detour" that has diverted attention and resources from the threat posed by Al Qaeda.

What the heck do they know? They're just the military! If our Commander and Chief wants to launch ill-concieved wars around the globe anytime he wants to, then that's his right. Except of course for the part in the Constitution that says only Congress can declare war. But what the heck did the Founding Fathers know? They're just a bunch of dead white men. And some of them owned slaves. Yeah! So if George W Bush wants to completely ignore that this is a democracy and send soldiers off when our best strategists tell us that it's completely pointless, then he can any time he wants to!

Read more all about it at the LAT.

P.S. That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell. Undoubtedly some yuck will take it seriously, and either agree with me or tell me off for being a mindless Bush supporter. It isn't entirely clear which would be more frightening in a prospective voter.

NOTE: For those who still support the Iraqi war, here is a fascinating report on "the facts on the ground" in Iraq after the Hussein capture by Kenneth Pollack in the current issue of Foreign Affairs Magazine. For the record, Kenneth Pollack advocated the invasion of Iraq in his book The Threatening Storm. Let it not be said that the oldman cherry-picks his information. Pollack's main conclusion is that some good stuff has happened there, but we need to change how we're operating there soon in order to make the transition to democracy successful.


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