Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Oldman knocked woozy by icy blizzard doozy!

I guess the oldman's immune system just ain't what it used to be. Not only did the oldman come down with an insufferably miserable case of the flu this past year that stretched with secondary infections from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but now he's sick again! Of course part of the problem is that some of his associates have wives who teach little kids, and as everyone knows the little rugrats are like virus breeding farms.

In addition the oldman was hit by the need to keep up with his teaching schedule, shovel a mercilessly long driveway, and research his upcoming series of articles examining whether or not American standards of living have come under an assault not accurately reflected in the CPI. That came from the oldman's twin interests of examining the political economy of trade and the ongoing speculation about whether the Federal Reserve's intervention has set off a delayed secondary financial market crash about to hit properties near you sometime soon.

Faithful readers can reach the oldman at the following address: oldman1787 at the yahoo.com generic email box vendor. In order to prevent my personal reflections from becoming my employer's business, I've created this online persona. Related facts about the oldman's life are all true, merely couched in a way that isn't immediately obvious revealing of his identity and appearance.


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