Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Dude, where's my ... Presidency, WMD, Al_Zawahiri?

Hello all,

Just a light-hearted review of where we stand. While reading at JM Marshall blog about how Richard Clarke is being attacked by the President's men in order to discredit his tough charges of White House delusions and missteps in the WoT, I noticed something on the left hand side of the screen. It was a rather lighthearted logo entitled "Dude where's my weapons?". While this is obviously a satire of Bush, I thought it created actually warm fuzzy feelings in myself about GW.

This is because the oldman rather liked the Fox movie "Dude, where's my car?" starring the kid who later took up Demi Moore.

So the warm fuzzies regarding the bumbling and fumbled mistake of the century in US Foreign Policy created a little cognitive dissonance:

"A disconfirmation of a predicted event should presumably lead one to abandon the beliefs that produced the prediction. But cognitive dissonance theory says otherwise. By abandoning the beliefs ... the person who had once held this belief would have to accept a painful dissonance between her present skepticism and her past beliefs and actions. Her prior faith would now appear extemely foolish. Some members ... had gone to such lengths as giving up their jobs or spending their savings; such acts would lose all meaning in retrospect without the belief... Under the new circumstances, the dissonance was intolerable. It was reduced by a belief in the new message which bolstered the original belief. Since other members ... their conviction was stengthened all the more. They could now think of themselves, not as fools, but as loyal, steadfast members ..."

Incidentally, the quote is culled from a citation regarding a group that had to confront a failure in their belief that aliens were threatening the earth.


The oldman guesses if people can talk themselves into not being wrong about UFO's, they can talk themselves into not thinking of themselves as wrong about WMD.

Maybe it was the Teletubbies that tricked Bush into going into war in Iraq. The oldman has always surmised that these otherwise cute little BBC puppets were actually aliens in disguise out to use mind control to take over the earth ... maybe we can launch premptive strikes against their Martian homeland before they get us!

The teletubbies air on the BBC, and that news source reports that there has been an agreement to a recount in Taiwan over the disputed Presidential election. Hopefully this should defuse the potential geopolitical conflict that could arise from a schism.

Speaking of WMD, aliens from "another planet", and fouled counter-terrorism efforts by the Bush Administration we have the news that the "#2" guy or intellectual leader of Alqueda the infamous Al_Zawahiri has announced that the terrorist group has obtained a nuclear weapon. These "suitcase nukes" are small but deadly, capable of yeilding a small nuclear blast packed in ... you guessed it a suitcase.

One terrorism expert dismissed the notion that Alqueda might have obtained a suitcase nuke with the reasoning that:

"My instinct is if they have one we would first find out when they used it," said Joseph Cirincione, a non-proliferation expert with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "What's the point of (boasting)?"

Hmmm ... that would seem a reasonable point ... except that Alqueda has a history of preannouncing their attacks and bragging about them like Bin Ladin referring to "creating a 911 in the United States" BEFORE the September 11th 2001 attacks.

Gee, so maybe they're boasting they have it because they're smug bastards who have a history of telegraphing their intention to strike beforehand. Hmmm ... what doya think? Maybe a supposed EXPERT should have noticed that little fact don't you think? Sometimes the folly of experts is palpably idiotic on a scale of incredible ridiculousness. As for the ridiculous objection that if they'd had one they would have used it already, it could have required repairs not completed until recently or they simply could have refrained because they needed to put together an operation to get it into a sensitive area in the States to set it off first or they could have delayed because of another of their bizarre numerology system - 911, 311 being 911 days from the original 911 except for the leapyear day, maybe next is 3 911's or three years after the initial bombing.

No the real question is not whether or not Alqueda has obtained a suitcase nuke, but whether or not any such WMD they obtained was in working order.

For the record, the Bush Administration could have done much more in the past three years to try to take these things off the black market or press Russia about how many were in fact missing and whether they could be accounted for.

Btw AL_Zawahiri is the guy that they recently didn't get in Pakistan. This is exactly what the oldman predicted on Drezner's website while other sources were still hyping the connection.

Using the oldman's uncanny powers of guessing, where would Alqueda strike if it had a chance? Well how about the decommissioned Zion Nuclear Power Plant located in Zion, Illinois right by downtown Chicago, Illinios. It's decommissioned, but that means that security will probably be lighter and a "suitcase nuke" even though it would "only" have a nominal yeild of 3-5 kilotons would ignite and disperse the nuclear waste externally stored there and conveniently cause radioactive fallout all over Chicago. The oldman has actually driven through the place, and the locals refer to Zion I and Zion II the two nuclear plants there as the "twin towers". Hmmm ... where has that Alqueda strike motiff come up before? Dunno, maybe Sept 11, 2001 when Alqueda struck and destroyed the twin World Trade towers?

Wonder if that would could make a tempting target for Alqueda do ya think maybe? Of course, the experts probably won't think about this until after it happens - like usual. Oh well. It's not the oldman's job to hammer in sense into fools that reject good advice.

Dude, where's my al-Zawahiri? Dude, where's my suitcase nuke?

Woof! Woof! Dude, where's my bed? Nightie night time for the oldman. :-)


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