Friday, March 19, 2004

Something me and Bushie Agree on, STATEIGWBBIT


Here we have a speech by Bush commemorating the beginning of last year's Iraqi Fish-Barrel Shootfest. It may surprise my readers, but there is much that I agree with our very "special" President. It simply comes down to a basic principle that may gall liberals all out of proportion to its simple logical truth: STATEIGWBBIT or namely that:

Some Things Are True Even If George W. Bush Believes In Them

Unfortunately, the actual estimated number of these facts happen to be rather small. All the more reason, the oldman says, in order to celebrate those few stray empirical facts that happen to escape the notice of GW's speechwriters and actually make it out of Bush's mouth. Of course, you could fall asleep waiting for these to appear so it's perhaps forgivable that people on either side of the party divide would miss the appearance of these rare utterances in between the usual out-pouring of mangled syntax, Bushisms, and less-than-empirical statements that are regularly given air-time.

... The people of Spain are burying their innocent dead. These men and women and children began their day in a great and peaceful city, yet lost their lives on a battlefield, murdered at random and without remorse. Americans saw the chaos and the grief and the vigils and the funerals, and we have shared in the sorrow of the Spanish people. Ambassador Ruperez, please accept our deepest sympathy for the great loss that your country has suffered. The murders in Madrid are a reminder that the civilized world is at war. And in this new kind of war, civilians find themselves suddenly on the front lines.

Yep, all true.

... In recent years, terrorists have struck from Spain to Russia, to Israel, to East Africa, to Morocco, to the Philippines and to America. They've targeted Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Yemen. They've attacked Muslims in Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. No nation or region is exempt from the terrorist campaign of violence. Each of these attacks on the innocent is a shock and a tragedy, and a test of our will. Each attack is designed to demoralize our people and divide us from one another. And each attack much be answered, not only with sorrow, but with greater determination, deeper resolve, and bolder action against the killers. It is the interest of every country and the duty of every government to fight and destroy this threat to our people.

Again, all true and well and good.

...There is a dividing line in our world, not between nations and not between religions or cultures, but a dividing line separating two visions of justice and the value of life. On a tape claiming responsibility for the atrocities in Madrid, a man is heard to say, We choose death while you choose life. We don't know if this is the voice of the actual killers, but we do know it expresses the creed of the enemy. It is a mindset that rejoices in suicide, incites murder and celebrates every death we mourn. And we who stand on the other side of the line must be equally clear and certain of our convictions. We do love life, the life given to us and to all. We believe in the values that uphold the dignity of life: tolerance and freedom and the right of conscience. And we know that this way of life is worth defending. There is no neutral ground -- no neutral ground -- in the fight between civilization and terror, because there is no neutral ground between good and evil, freedom and slavery, and life and death. The war on terror is not a figure of speech. It is an inescapable calling of our generation. The terrorists are offended not merely by our policies, they're offended by our existence as free nations. No concession will appease their hatred. No accommodation will satisfy their endless demands. Their ultimate ambitions are to control the peoples of the Middle East and to blackmail the rest of the world with weapons of mass terror.

Again, all true - especially that last bit except that it doesn't go far enough. The ultimate ambition of terrorists is to create a totalitarian Islamic world theocracy.

Unfortunately the rest is blather - senseless boosting of what is at best a lukewarm picture and at worst is a forward strategy that constitutes a "March of Folly" as put forth by Needlenose blogger Greenboy.


It's all self-congratulatory, as if we Americans should be appreciative of the meager results obtained since 911 turned the average American's world upside down. Given the dangers that we all should be able to agree that we face, why how can Bush pat himself on the back for a job ill done (Oldman1787)? GW Bush got to the Presidency of the United States of America through the power of lowered expectations. Challenge too tough? Lower the bar. Don't want to be seen lowering the bar? Fudge the results so that a hopping a one foot barrier is recorded as vaulting a twelve foot barrier. And disregard all those actual reports coming in from reality that the performance is having critical failure difficulties out were lies don't make bullets stop anymore than missing bullet proof vests and unarmored Humvees stop soldier killing shrapnel. The man has the gall to talk about no child left behind when he himself is a product of social promotion and affirmative action for the wastral scions of corrupt blue-blood families.

Is that too strong of a wording? Well the oldman has a little right to vent his spleen he thinks after Bush's idiotic policies have not only lost us Spain (Oldman1787) but in the aftermath of the Spanish election the Polish President charged that he had been misled on WMD intelligence and threatened to pull out the Polish troop deployment from Iraq unless there was a UN resolution after June 30th. President Bush then had to make a personal call on this one (MSNBC), at the same time that Bush called for "bolder" action. What is "bolder" action btw? Invading another country that doesn't have WMD?

All this hoopla in the Press, while on the ground a scandalous turn of events has taken place. Spain has shut us out of their bombing investigation (Newsweek):

Spanish authorities have ignored FBI efforts to assist the investigation into last week’s train bombing, creating new tensions between Washington and Madrid in the case.

Almost immediately after last Thursday’s attacks, in which at least 200 people were killed, the Justice Department offered to assist the Spanish by dispatching a team of FBI and other U.S. law-enforcement agents to the scene.

But the Spanish government appears to have rejected the U.S. offer and has instead invited other European law-enforcement and intelligence agencies to help in the case—an apparent snub of the Bush administration that U.S. officials tell NEWSWEEK may be an ominous portent for the future.

As a result, U.S. officials say, they have effectively been frozen out of the biggest terrorist case in Europe since September 11, despite mounting evidence that the perpetrators were part of a much larger network of Islamic militants that may well have links to Al Qaeda.

Calpundit has an interesting debate on the Spainish situation and cites how the counter-terrorism Spainish forces rebelled against the PP's immoral mishandling of the case. But Bush is right about the threat poised against us, and unless the Dem's get considerably more credibility in the eyes of the American public as being tough on terror we're going to be saddled with four more years of this dunce congratulating himself while he runs the country into the ground. The story of GW Bush is the story of stated good intentions and mismanaged execution.

He said that he wanted to have a humble foreign policy and be a uniter, not a divider. What he did was piss other countries off so much they are no longer cooperating with us to hunt Alqueda. He said that he wanted to balance the budget and give the taxpayer's money back to the people. Instead he has indebted us for generations. He said that he wanted to reform Social Security. Well, we're waiting Mr. President for you to even start. He said that he would listen to good advisers about foreign policy. Instead he's appointed rogues, knaves, and charltans in order to conduct wars that have weakened the United States of America's national security posture.

Now we have a situation where as the Economist notes tartly that:

IF YOU carry out a well planned atrocity, killing more than 200 people and injuring more than a thousand, and three days later the government that supported an invasion to which you object is unexpectedly defeated in a general election, you are entitled to consider the venture to have been a success. So although Spain's high voting turnout on March 14th, and many Spaniards' apparent ire at the way José María Aznar's government had prematurely blamed Basque terrorists for the outrage, can be taken as healthily democratic signs (see article), there is no escaping the fact that the biggest triumph has been that of the terrorists.

I don't blame the Socialists though- I blame the inept and corrupt Aznar government that thought that using the terrorism card could bail them out of any act however dishonest.

The best lack all convictions, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Yet he is on track to win in November. I have to blame this on the Dem's partly. I've been trying to help them this year, because I knew they needed it. Now, instead of "Bring it on!!!" we have the liberal commentator Eleanor Clift reporting that John Kerry is on vacation in Idaho in the desperately crucial period where as Clift comments accurately: "This is a critical stage in the campaign. The voters barely know Kerry, and the Bush campaign is racing to define him in a negative way before he can define himself... Kerry knew this was coming. “Bring it on,” he said so often it became his battle cry. Well, now they’ve brought it on, and what is Kerry doing? He’s going on vacation in Idaho, leaving behind the festering story of his unholy bond with foreign leaders."


If Kerry wants to be POTUS he better stop that vacation and fly back right now! God Almighty! I thought you Democrats were serious about winning this year. What could be going through his head? Does he want to lose? While the President obstructs the truth and fills the airwaves with propaganda, where is Kerry in order to take up the Democratic standard, stand up, and call the President on his less than factual statements?

Dear God, I did not decide to help Democratic candidates to campaign this year and decide to go against my family in pulling the Donkey lever merely to see John Kerry lounging on an Idaho porch while GW Bush fills American TV sets with misdirection and deceptions!!! You hear me John Kerry? You get off your caboose and you get out there and you stand for something, damn your French hide! You do not get to be a cheese-eating surrender monkey on my watch! Your arse belong to the American people now, John Kerry, and you better hustle it out there and get it moving because the ship is leaving port and you're missing the boat!

You hear me John Kerry? If JFK could campaign while seized up with back-pain, and FDR could campaign while paralyzed by polio, then you John Forbes Kerry can drop your little vacation and get back here and fight for the people who believed enough in you to stake the future of our country on your will and determination! You better bring it on Kerry, because God help us if you wuss out and GW get's another term because of you to ransack this nation then you will deserve the contempt of every patriot in this nation!


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