Friday, April 23, 2004

Another conservative sickened by this Administration's policies edition, Issue 7


Thanks to this outraged poster Guy at Atrios' blog, I've stumbled over some great Republicans against Bush websites!

Here is the National Republicans Against Bush Meetup page, where you can scan for similar minded fighting mad Republicans who won't take it laying down in 634 cities across the United States!

Here is one person's Republicans Against Bush page.

Here is a Republicans for Kerry page with a database of registered members. Here is a Republicans for Kerry blog dedicated to shifting conservative or swing voters to vote for Kerry. And here is the Republicans for Kerry Yahoo Group and as of April so far it seems that it had about 1500 messages in it. Even given repeat posters, it's nothing to sniff. It's certainly more than the number of votes that GWB skinned his teeth by in Florida to obtain victory and tip the electoral college in his favor.


Needlenose blog which is moving its site today has a post analyzing some news stories that indicate that GWB supporters seem to have their minds up whatever the evidence says. Also Billmon's analysis indicates that Bush is rebounding in the polls due to weakness on Kerry's part in the public perception department.

So apparently a lot of people have their minds stuck on supporting Bush or at least dissing Kerry, and Bush is winning out in the lesser of two evils ethics contest. Since the President's favorability and approval numbers are falling, we can only assume that his demonization campaign of John Kerry is in fact paying returns despite costing tens of millions. In addition, let's not underestimate that the the economy is in fact picking up even if its a late surge in a top heavy cycle about to get turned over.

Being a "I told you so," kind of person, the oldman would like to point out to Democrats that indeed he had "told you so." Back when GWB's numbers were getting shakey, a lot of Democrats were saying that all John Kerry had to do was just show up and the old one-two punch of the economy and Iraq would K.O. the master of disaster Bush himself.

Well as it turns out, that was rather wishful thinking, if well intentioned. People still want leadership. (MSNBC)If Kerry won't provide it, even us Republicans who've crossed the party lines won't be able to help his sorry arse.

If Kerry is out there reading this blog, get your head our of your arse and start leading. You were better when you were angry. This snotty sniping stuff is not making the cut. If you can't defeat Bush while he's got this Iraq albatross around his neck and half of America believes that the terrorists are winning while two thirds expect a major attack before November, then we are going to get stuck with GWB for another four years.

It's bad when Charles Krauthammer is having to give Kerry (good) advice. Doesn't that guy need blood transfusions? Or does he just suck it out of his victims fresh like my hero Kissinger? Talk about an old vampire!

Sorry, the Republican instincts showing there a second.

If GWB wins, I hope Democrats will finally admit that their party needs a major overhaul from top to bottom because they are in danger of extinction. If a Democratic candidate with a pulse and a high school diploma and no felony record can't beat beat GWB under these conditions, I'd have to ask under what conditions could a Democrat expect victory? Let's not go there.


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