Sunday, April 25, 2004

As I was saying ... Showdown in Fallujah and Najaf show Admin really is dumb as critics say

MSNBC reports that US soldiers poised to enter Najaf and Fallujah.

U.S. troops will likely enter parts of Najaf soon in a move to clamp down on the rebel militia of a radical Shiite cleric but will stay away from sensitive holy sites in the center of the city to avoid rousing the anger of Shiites, a U.S. general said Sunday.

Shiite leaders have warned of a possible explosion of anger among the country's Shiite majority if U.S. troops enter Najaf, and until now U.S. commanders have been saying troops had will not go in.


Well that just about does it. As the oldman said, he retracted any admission of error on the theory that any Administration clueless enough to hire Negroponte is stupid enough to fuck up Najaf and Fallujah. Well here we go, just as the oldman said.

Too bad they don't read the Weekly Standard. It's got a sensible political plan for going forward in Iraq.

Some of its suggestions include... repeat several times each day: "If we lose the Shia, we lose Iraq." ... To add extra clarity, labels could be put on the CDs saying, "We lose Sistani, we lose Iraq." ... Ultimately, however, Sistani and the Hawza must handle Sadr. ... The United States simply cannot afford to engage in siege tactics. ... This means, first and foremost, don't attack the holy city of Najaf.

Interestingly enough, the first and foremost prescription on the list of "must-not-do's" is the exact prescription that the President turns to first - attacking Najaf.

Crazy isn't it? You'd almost think that they were attempting to do the most stupid thing possible?


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