Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Baghdad burning blog reports in...

Stirling Newberry has a summary:

Absent a general rallying to his banner, it is likely that Sadr will be crushed by the US offensive, but only after inflicting stinging losses, and forcing the US to expend a great deal of good will. The number of civilian casualties is mounting faster than either coalition or resistence dead. Best estimates indicated that some 60 Iraqi fighters have been killed, 30 coalition, and approximately 80 civilians. Though given the difficulty of confirming resistence dead, their number is probably higher.

MaxSpeaks lists some Iraq blogs, of them:

Iraq at a Glance blog has a nice gateway into multiple Iraqi blogs. Note that some of them are openly anti-Sadr.

Baghdad Burning speaks out here:

Over the last three days, over 150 Iraqis have been killed by troops all over Iraq and it's maddening. At times I feel like a caged animal- there's so much frustration and anger. The only people still raving about 'liberation' are the Iraqis affiliated with the Governing Council and the Puppets, and even they are getting impatient with the mess...

And as I blog this, all the mosques, Sunni and Shi’a alike, are calling for Jihad...


Raed reports in:

The uprising in Iraq is still expanding…

But I still feel that Bush and Bremer are totally out of the picture…

All what we can hear from the coalition governments’ spokesmen, and from the international media news are some fake explanations and explanations…

Let me declare some points:

AsSadr is NOT reflecting a minority of Iraqis, this is a stupid big lie.
Whether we liked him or not, he is the political and religious leader for MILLIONS of Iraqis in the southern region…
There are 15 million Iraqis living in the south, and another 5 million in Baghdad, I can say that 5 to 7 millions of them can be considered as AsSadr followers.

AsSadr is NOT a mere twenty-something year old guy, that is playing games.
Whether we liked him or not, he is a phenomenon. When people in the south of Iraq look at Muqtada AsSadr, they see the history of his father, the deep roots of his religious supporter: AlHaeri.

AsSadr is NOT a small follower of the Iranian Government; he has very bad relations with the official government of Iran, unlike Sistani and Hakim.

AsSadr is THE GOVERNMENT in most of the cities of the south: Amara, Kut, Nasryya and Diwanyya and Simawa partially, and Najaf partially (Kufa is a small city in Najaf that is the center of AsSadr).

I mean… from my secular point of view… it is a disaster to have all of these extremist religious right-winged militias… but this is the direct result of the lost policy of the Bush administration, which are exactly what the expected problem of imported “democracy” would be, I used to call this cul-de-sac that we are stuck in: The Algerian Dead End. Algeria went through the exact scenario some years ago… do you want elections and democracy? The powerful extremist religion people are going to win :*)
You don’t want democracy and elections? Don’t start the mess...

...All of these military steps that Bremer is taking now remind Iraqis of the Palestinian crisis, everything related to mass-public punishment will not give good results. Falluja under the siege is the wrong thing to happen, bombing Shia residential areas is the wrong signal to give, and saying lies in public is killing the hope that the CPA would be credible ever.

And the thing happening in Iraq right now, killing hundreds of Iraqis and dozens of coalition soldiers, is NOT just another mob. It is an uprising.


And our guys are caught in the middle.

Not that they're using kid gloves or anything (MSNBC):

Americans also called out a weapon rarely used against the Iraqi guerrillas: the AC-130 gunship, a warplane that circles over a target, laying down a devastating barrage of heavy machine gun fire. At least 60 Iraqis killed and more than 120 wounded in overnight fighting in Fallujah, hospital officials said.

The problem is that both our soldiers and the Iraqis are out there dying because of stupid political mistakes.

Mistakes perpetuated by ideological stupidity like the delusions that this is all "terrorist orchestrated", etc.

If Bush didn't want or know how to run Iraq, would he please turn it over to someone who will? Please!!!

Even Tacitus thinks we need new management!


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