Monday, April 05, 2004

It's our boys dying out there,

Blogs from Iraq are reporting things are going worse than the Western press is reporting. There are uncorroborated reports of Iraqi forces turning on US armed forces and widespread social unrest while the Fallujah crackdown is getting serious. Iraqi bloggers are pessimistic about the riots and financial in-country Iraqi guy Collounsbury believes the conflicts will strengthen the renegades. Clearly both those on the right, with Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan from the weekly standard, and those on the left such as JM Marshall and those in the military such as Shinseki all said that we would need more soldiers to keep the situation stable.

Now, it's too late. We can only watch events unfold and hope that it isn't too bad. Juan Cole tallies the damage and Hopes that it doesn't scare off our allies. Stirling Newberry discusses possible similarities to Vietnam and discusses the media imagery of it all.

Meanwhile Needlenose covers the background story excellently, as usual.

The oldman's reponse is this. As a conservative here, one who is still haunted by the shades of Vietnam, I had mixed feeling about invading Iraq from the beginning. Liberating it wasn't itself a bad idea, but the way it was done beginning to end doomed this venture- especially when Bush refused to listen to good advice from Scrowcroft, others, or an old conservative like me who spoke out against the "pollyanna talk" getting put out. Spin doesn't stop bullets.

Most military guys are Republicans ya know. It's our boys, kids from working class, middle class, and minority families out there on the front line. Most of em joined to get a decent job or a college education. Now they're dying cause Bush couldn't admit he made a mistake, or just change things to fix the problem.

Now it's Vietnam all over again, and those kids - some of em with kids themselves - with families that'll never see em again ... they're gonna die because Prez Bush just wouldn't listen. It's heart breaking. I'm gonna stop now, because if I go on at this point I'll start crying. Maybe I have already.

A reader of Unfair Witness blog followed essentially the same post there with this:

I think I know how you feel, Oldman. Today, I'm really scared for those people.

As Michael points out, the Bushies had no idea what they were getting into.

Jay Rockefeller admitted something the other day that all the War Party types should admit.

We had this feeling we could be welcomed as liberators. Americans don’t know history, geography, ethnicity,” Rockefeller said. “The administration had no idea of what they were getting into in Iraq. We are not internationalists. We border on being isolationists. We don’t know anything about the Middle East.”

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Why do I have the sinking feeling that it's going to get a lot worse?


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