Thursday, April 08, 2004

No, they still just don't get it

While things sour faster than milk left outside on a hot summer day, CNN reports that the Administration still just does not "Get It.".

Among the leading options for transitioning power to the Iraqis is simply expanding the current Iraqi Governing Council to form an interim government, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday.

"The model that is getting the most attention right now and seems the most practical one in terms of the time available to us would be some form of expanded governing council," Powell told a Senate subcommittee.

But "that is just sort of the lead horse at the moment. No decisions have been made," he said.


The IGC is a joke. Even expanding them would leave a precipitiously illegitimate organization on top of a dysfunctional bureacracy carried out by a CPA that is operating according to a failed play book.

We have to scrap these guys at the top, and basically start over.

As long as the Administration doesn't "Get It." the slow grind of the debacle in Iraq will grind on. No, the Iraqis aren't going to toss us out on our ear. We're too powerful for that.

They can make our existence there a living hell however and turn Iraq into a Greater Occupied West Bank. How much reconstruction can we do while this mess is going on? And with no reconstruction there is no hope. And if the Iraqis have no hope, they will eventually all turn on us.

Apparently though Bush is not quite as uninformed as has been implied previously.

The president and his White House aides have not changed their public claims that the uprising in Iraq is the work of a relatively small number of extremists who will inevitably be crushed. But, in private, Bush is apparently expressing a more grim view. According to the Kremlin, he placed a 20-minute call to Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday, and "serious distress was expressed" about the "escalation of violence." Bush aides refused to discuss the details of the conversation.

Maybe GW does need a friend, a real friend and not a synchopant, to level with him and tell him he's got to get this under control.


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