Sunday, April 25, 2004

Sunday Meditations, Issue 3

We are at a unique cross-roads in history. As Americans we have been woefully slow to mentally adapt to the new world. Instead of engaging with it, and changing the way we do things we have instead retreated within the tried and true rhetoric of false nostalgia. The British are often portrayed as being stuffy and traditionalists. How ironic then that it seems more and more likely that the British will have adapted more quickly than us supposedly more innovative Americans.

How can I assert such a thing? Well Britain has already foiled a major Alqueda plot aimed toward them this year. So far by all considerations, the betting money in the oldman's odds is against the US foiling the plot probably being put together this very moment against us. We have wasted the time given us this past two years to reform our intelligence and criminal agencies.

What we wanted was hard hitting effective intelligence agencies capable of getting the job done. Instead Tenet told us that it would take another five years of recruitment and training to rebuild the covert operations wing of the CIA. In addition, Coleen Rowley had a recent Time Magazine article arguing against the creation of a MI-5 like domestic intelligence agency.

Don't get me wrong, like Freeh's comment indicated I view secret police with suspicion. But Rowley's article was also supposed to mention how we could change the culture of the FBI to improve it. Well she ticked off many reasons why the FBI was good as it was, and MI-5 like agency would not be able to surpass it. Then when she got to the point of suggesting what could be done to improve the FBI, she just kind of petered out and had nothing to say.

It was at that moment that I became a believer in creating a MI-5 like agency. The one thing I can smell a mile away is moronic mendacity, and if this was the best the FBI had to offer, well then the FBI as we knew it simply had to go.

She had convinced me in a way that no proponent of the proposal ever could.

Since given the incompetence of our intelligence agencies, a successful terrorist large-scale attack within the borders of the United States is almost assured before the year is out and we've squandered the past three years as an opportunity to reform such agencies let's take it out of the framework of politics for a second.

What as we as Americans have come to? We used to be the can-do people, and all I hear now is the sound of "We did the best we could,". Well Sean Connery's character "James Mason" has some pithy words about terrorism, from the movie "The Rock." by Jerry Bruickheimer and Don Simpson.

You can listen to it at this site.

What he says is:

"Losers always whine about (doing) their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."

Well that's what I have to say. I don't want to hear about our intelligence services "doing their best". I want to hear about them getting the job done. Sometimes being philosophical is cast as being effiminate or unmanly.

Well as it turns out some of the philosophers I most admire - Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Sun Tzu, etc. - were war heroes. They were war heroes not just because they excelled at the art of war, but that they were able to take something as messed up as war and find a higher purpose in it that transcended the carnage and lead them to lessons about life.

Life is too precious to waste. We should have learned that on 911. Life is also too precious to waste on whining excuses. We are Americans. We could and should have done better by the memory of our dead, and by our precious regard for our own skin, by taking "care of business" and getting the job done as far as fixing our internal problems.

Now Alqueda is going to come along like a leering stalking buggering sodomizer and we are going to get caught bent over with our pants around our ankles.

Well that's just not acceptable. I don't know how things are going to play out, but I do know that if some of the vascillating ass-kissing bastards in power would just get out of the way there are those of us out there that could fix this problem and get the job done.

There is no excuse for this kind of failure.

And that's my meditation. Most of the time my meditative contemplations are more along the lines of enlightened rationalism and how we can all get along and fix things and find sustainable new innovative technologies in order to expand our civilization and change our way of life to one more smart, sensible, and sensitive to the limits of our resource-limited environment which we should share with all the people of the earth.

Today I'm just fucking pissed off because we got a bunch of know-nothing do-nothing numbskulls in charge that couldn't protect themselves from a spitball much less a terrorist attack.

Okay that's my Sunday meditation.


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