Thursday, April 08, 2004

What would I do if I were NSA edition, Part II

Condi Rice testifies to the 911 Commission. (MSNBC)

Meanwhile, on other fronts Needlenose discusses the deflation of the Pakistani hinterlands offensive and the cluelessness of the Administration.

Via Needlenose what is the White House's Iraqi "fact of the day"?

"Iraqis reject violence 04/07/04."

Gee, really? Someone might want to tell that to the Iraqis shooting at us and threatening to burn alive foreigners they've captured.

To put it into perspective, lying is a Presidential prerogative or at least if not an executive privilege it's at least a time honored tradition.

Johnson a Democratic President had the term "credibility gap" (CSM) created to describe the implausibility of his Administration analyses. Clinton of course both had as many observed at best a difficult relationship with the truth. What bothers me is that the present administration might *not* be lying. Between delusion and lying there is an intermediate state - it's called confabulation.

According to Miriam-Webster Online dictionary, confabulation has the following definition:

Main Entry: con·fab·u·late
Pronunciation: k&n-'fa-by&-"lAt
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -lat·ed; -lat·ing
Etymology: Latin confabulatus, past participle of confabulari, from com- + fabulari to talk, from fabula story -- more at FABLE
1 : CHAT
2 : to hold a discussion : CONFER
3 : to fill in gaps in memory by fabrication

Essentially, talking out of your arse. It means to speak without any idea of whether it is true or false, and you just make stuff up instead.

Lying would imply a knowledge of the facts sufficient enough to distort them. Delusion would indicate an ideology sufficiently developed to rationalize any factual contradiction.

Confabulation is just making up stuff as you go along without any clue of whether it's correct.

And that is what bothers me ... the disconnection, cluelessness, and the "Duh, and whad da ai du knrow?".

I can forgive malice if repentence accompanies it. Mendacity...

What would I do if I were NSA
#01: Get someone else to be GW's friend and instead worry about National Security.
#02: Reorganize National Security Council and implement a plan to fix Iraq.
#03: Reinstitute a policy of Plausible Deniability Hint:only lie when you can get away with it.

In the immortal syntax of the Evil Overlord Suggestions:

"I will only lie publicly when there are no easily accessible sources of facts to openly contradict me. My ordinary five year old child adviser (see rule #12) will be given a computer with internet access, and a list of all my proposed lies for the day each morning. If the child adviser can find two or more outside confirmed sources that contradict my lies within five minutes, I will send the list back to my Ministry of Truth for further revisions before including these lies in my Talking Points list."


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