Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Geopolitics Edition: Will You Dem's Rein In Kerry Please?

The sad thing is that the President is getting his head handed to him on everything from the Economy to kicking ass in the battleground polls and a slumping approval rating for his mishandling of Iraq. However right at this moment, Democrats step into the fray to jockey in order to seize defeat from the jaws of victory! (BBC)

Scepticism over US terror warning

President Bush's political opponents have given a sceptical reception to a new warning that al-Qaeda may be close to staging an attack in the US.
Attorney General John Ashcroft said information showed al-Qaeda intended was "to hit the United States hard". However, Washington has not raised the level of its national security alert.

The president's Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry, said homeland security should not be part of the rhetoric of the campaign.

"We deserve a president of the United States who doesn't make homeland security a photo opportunity," he said at a rally in Seattle.

"We deserve a president who makes America safer."

A Democratic member of the Senate intelligence committee, Dick Durbin, said he thought there was growing scepticism about warnings from the Bush administration.

"We'll never know if the administration has new and justifiable information for this new warning," Mr Durbin said.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan denied they were overplaying the threat, pointing to a "stream of credible intelligence" over the last couple of months.

I have opposed this President as possessed of an incompetent Administration since before the 2000 election. However now is not the time to play partisan election-football with the issue of terrorism. It would have been far better to encourage the President to take more proactive measures against terrorism, and then in the event of any terrorist attack simply wait quietly for the American people to come to the realization that they had a bunch of nitwits running things. The way things are going now, if there is a terrorist attack this summer the Democrats will look like a bunch of scofflaws and naysayers doubting what in hindsight will look like a terrible threat against the United States of America.

For my money Alqueda is going to try to attack this summer. Certainly they would be fools not to try to play a little electoral pool with our slipshod and swiss-cheese anti-terrorism defenses. A better question for the Bush Administration would have been "Why after nearly three years are Americans no more safer from terrorists than they were in 2001?" or "How is it that Alqueda can simply announce how far they are along if we are really safer than we were four years ago?". These are hard questions the Admin should answer. However, the problem lies in the political ham-handedness of Democrats. Maybe they do need to lose again in order to learn how to act like a real political leadership. Then again Bush desperately needs some better help or we'll be even worse off than under the Democrats. (sigh)


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