Thursday, June 24, 2004

Traveling Again ... Friends Wedding

Okay I'm traveling again this weekend, for a friend's wedding.

Btw before I take off, I have something to note. I saw a reference on a board regarding my article "The Lolapalooza Indicator" saying that they didn't believe it because they had a lot of hiring interest, etc.

Well as economists know, the mainstream economy precedes the labor market by about 3-6 months. If the point of falloff happened in May that means that the labor market which is called a "lagging indicator" will fall off sometime between July and October. In other words, you've still got a month or two of economic stimulus working it's way through the system.

After June 30th, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates and things should start to unravel in a way that anyone can recognize from there.

Any other questions?

Okay gotta run to catch a friend's wedding!


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