Friday, July 09, 2004

Traveling This Weekend: Family Matters

This weekend is the one year anniversary of my father passing away. I'm going to take off in the next hour or two and spend the weekend with my mom. I've got someone else to cover my teaching responsibilities Monday.

So until then I'm not likely to post over the weekend. Weekend traffic is usually weak anyway. I may post a Sunday contemplation while I'm out there at mom's.

Btw the university is making cutbacks (again) and while I'm not out on the street I think this is my last year here. So I'm in the market for a new job (like many others). I need some career change ideas. I was thinking about trying to break into economic reporting and writing. The other option is to return to school (not ideal) for more education. I was thinking law school actually for a Fall 2005 enrollment. Another option is to dust off my resume and get back into corporate/industrial analysis and consulting.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions about what you think would be a good career idea for the oldman, please post a suggestion or two.


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