Thursday, July 29, 2004

Work and Cleaning: Stuff to Do

Sorry folks, I got a bunch of stuff to do in my personal life. Prepping for a presentation, cleaning out my old place, getting some winks, etc. Be back in a day or so. In the meantime I'm tracking down more stuff on the producitivity story based on a lead Spencer threw me in his paper.

Besides everyone seems to be in a love-fest over this convention thing. I think I'll take a breath and stop trying to compete with that coverage. I understand how a lot of Democrats could be all agog over the revitalization of their party and ideals, but it would be less disturbing if I didn't think that a lot of commentators were on the verge of having an infatuation or crush on Obama and Edwards. It's getting to say the least just a slight bit close to either hero-worship or homo-eroticism depending on the commentator. I'll come back when the air clears from this private party, since I'm not really a Democrat at heart just temporarily allied against the madness of my former comrades in the Republican party. I still talk with those people close to every day.

My advice to dem's is don't underestimate how far this can go, how far the Republican leadership will go to stay in power. They're not backing off from this fight, and they don't intend to fight fairly.

later folks,



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