Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Under the Weather,

I'm sorry all for the interruption in my writing. I've had the flu and then a nasty secondary respiratory system complication arising from the initial illness. I'm mostly focusing on recovering and getting some work done at home until I get better. I still hope by the end of the week to help volunteer for the big get out the vote push, since Iowa is a swing state this year. I've done all I can on other fronts for now, and for better or worse we have to let this all play out straight up.

If the American people decide to re-elect GWB for 'four more years' in a clean and clear(even if not likely to be large) margin of victory then there's nothing to do for it but wait around to pick up the pieces. If we've done all that we can do - voted and volunteered or donated or spoken out - then we just have to trust that in the end the truth will win out.

I have many sincere friends who are not unintelligent but whom are going to vote for Bush. I haven't tried to dissuade them since I have seen that they have already made up their minds. I do have to say that some of them most discourteously did not extend the same respect to me and I had to cut them off while they were eagerly repeating RNC talking points to me. I did not attempt to prostelyze them and I wish they had just let it drop as well.

I think they are misguided but it is not my place to shout them down or attempt to wheedle or badger them into changing their minds.

Clearly things are not bad enough yet to convince them that something is terribly and horribly wrong going on.

If there are election "irregularities" that attempt to steal the election of course that should be contested. However if in an actual majority of votes the American people re-elect GWB then truly we must abide and wait for things to get so awful that it penetrates the fog of propaganda and official denial and shatters it. This doesn't mean that we should give up or that there is nothing to be done. There will be much that is needed to be done.

Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way. People aren't voting for Bush in so much that Bush is appealing to their point of view. People are voting that they think their idea of the world is right. Unfortunately it's terribly wrong, but that won't be apparent for a few years. Sometimes people just have to hit rock bottom before they can admit that they were wrong and need to change how they think.

I'll get back on the writing horse as soon as I can get caught up with my work.


At October 26, 2004 at 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your writings, though I'm still somewhat inadequate in the 'understanding' department, you, and your commenters, have continued to expand my knowledge.

Looking forward to your healthy return to providing me and others with your insights.


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