Sunday, November 21, 2004

Personal Contemplation: The Break of Day

For Ellen, as encouragement to be calm and strong, so we may pass through come what may and see again a new dawning after the break of day.

When night does come and over all will fall,
it is right to seek bright lights beckoning
and in the sounds of music grand find some
comfort in our friends and their warm support.

So close not your eyes with tears nor fill your
ears with shrill cries of fear and doom, but
clear your mind to see the danger drawing nearer.

When rights are taken away and wrongs are here
to stay remember you are not alone and that if
we stand tall against the break of day still
this war of liberty we may yet win and sway.

For when the curtain over the drama falls and
the American dreaming of World War Two Refought
falters then scales from many eyes shall drop for
in the total heartbreak of the horrendous shreik
of the past shattered is the only hope left for
life, liberty, and happiness for all.


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